Are you so creatively blocked or burnt-out you're convinced

  • that you'll never create anything again?

  • you’ll never be able to support yourself as an artist? you totally suck at all things human?

  • you totally suck at all things human?

  • Cue the violins, break out the Oreos and turn on the Netflix.

No wonder you're blocked!

With so much pressure how could you not be? This FREE 10-Minute Cure for Creative Blocks and Burnout is the first step on your way to consistent creative flow, financial predictability, and control over time and your art!

the proof is in the pudding

“The 10-Minute Creative Challenges are very effective for me. They get me out of my head. I don't have time to judge myself or work towards perfection. I just have to DO. I've found I can incorporate them into my weekday morning routine when I want to work on small creative projects. I created a Book of Hymns over the series of 2 weeks, creating one short hymn a day using this method. Some of them I'm very proud of. It's a technique that works well for me. ”

Tess G.

Hi! I'm Jenni ! I'll be your guide!

jenni tooley

Jenni Tooley is a serial Artrepreneur. She’s spent three decades been exploring how she can support her passions and how her passions can support her. Jenni is an award-winning actor and filmmaker. She owned a cottage bakery that she ran from her home. She is a yoga teacher, freelance blogger, blues dancer, mantra scarf maker, internal communications specialist, and recovering perfectionist. Now Jenni is sharing everything she has learned with you via online courses, coaching, and online communities. She fluidly combines spiritual principles with practical tools to create actionable solutions. Her approach is kind, consistent, positive and full of SASS.

What Artists of all kinds say about Jenni

“Jenni helped me get unstuck and see my relationship to my work in a new light. She's a fantastic coach. I am a fan!”

Tess G.

“Jenni is intuitive and thorough. She is the best script consultant I've used...I give her my highest recommendation.”

Rob A.

“A side thank you...Sometimes recentering isi easier achieved with someone else's voice. Today was one of those days for I appreciate your time.”

Michael M.

“Your voice is so reassuring and healing. Thank you!”

Samantha S.

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